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November Bible Study

i may earn a small commission from purchases made following this link, this is at NO cost to you. 

Book: Copy Bible Genesis 1-9 by Springer

Each day you will answer ALL of the questions in the front of the book for the verse(s)

  • November 1: Genesis 1:1-2
  • November 2: Genesis 1:3-5
  • November 3: Genesis 1: 6-7
  • November 4: Genesis 1: 8-9
  • November 5: Genesis 1: 10-11
  • November 6: Genesis 1: 12-13
  • November 7: Genesis 1: 14-15
  • November 8: Genesis 1: 16-17
  • November 9: Genesis 1: 18-19
  • November 10: Genesis 1: 20-21
  • November 11: Genesis 1: 22-23
  • November 12: Genesis 1: 24-25
  • November 13: Genesis 1: 26
  • November 14: Genesis 1: 27
  • November 15: Genesis 1: 28
  • November 16: Genesis 1: 29
  • November 17: Genesis 1: 30
  • November 18: Genesis 1: 31
  • November 19: Genesis 1: REFLECT

Chapter 2 Verses will be posted soon.

if you end up being like me and you just cannot get enough from doing one page, I encourage you to check out the other books in the Copy Bible Series

Copy Bible Ruth by Springer

Copy Bible Esther 1-5 by Springer

Copy Bible Esther 6-10 by Springer


I am a work at home momma doing the best I can! Some days are pretty messy but others are so wonderfully beautiful I couldn’t ask for more! Our family has embarked on a debt reduction plan, that includes Meh meals and paying higher amounts down on our loans! recently I have become more devoted to spending time in the word of God, and can honestly say without a doubt things are improving every day! The peace and calm that settles on me when I settle in to study or tune in to the Christian station on the radio, has rubbed off on my children as well! I am not a bottomless pit of patience but since turning to God I can say that my patience and understanding of problems has grown in ways I didn’t know possible.

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