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Bible Study

Day 16 Genesis 1:29

Talking about food God is showing them how he had prepared a way for their survival and thriving. That everything they need was there. just as it is today if only we reach for it.

Needs versus wants.

I think maybe in the hyper commercialization we have blurred the lines between needs and wants. Many times I feel like we focus on what we WANT and what we NEED is taken for granted. Social media I think has intensified this. “Keeping up with the Jones’” so to say. The influencers, the celebrities, the mommy bloggers who seemingly have it all together… when in reality what they’re doing is dangling this “want” in front of us distracting us from our own situation. some of us might be struggling with keeping the lights on yet sit here focusing on Christmas coming up.

This year I told my kids they might not be getting any gifts for Christmas.

You know what they told me? That’s ok mom that’s not what Christmas is about anyways, it’s about celebrating Jesus and being with family!

Like woah! here I am feeling some kinda guilt and my kids are here bringing me back to reality.

We may not be financially struggling BUT spiritually maybe we have drifted a little off the mark. Stepping back and refocusing on our NEEDS and putting the wants on the back burner we will see that our wants change. Our wants become for the spiritual less than material. joy, peace, patience, love, self control… rather than the nike, the Cadillac, the bazillion toys all over the floor that you will only have to clean up?

So today I challenge you to look around and see if your wants are temporary and fleeting only resulting in financial burden and more stress, or if they’re lasting and beneficial.

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Day 11 Bible Study

Day 11 Genesis 1:22-23

God Blessed Them:
A blessing is to wish or to will some good to the object or being being blessed

Words have power! Change your words and change your attitude. What first came to mind with regards to this was obviously sneezing, we say “bless you” firstly do you MEAN it when you say it, donyou even realize your saying it? We need to say it with the intention of wishing that person to be blessed.

More than that tho I wonder why we wait until these moments to say it? Why are we not praying for blessings of others when we brush our hair? When we get in our cars, when we say goodbye?

Or how about when we’re upset with the person who cut us off? Or the person who got a promotion over you, or the child who is being obstinate, or the boss you think doesn’t see your efforts, or the spouse who didn’t do some “chore”, or the person who hurt your feelings.

Today’s challenge is more than turning negative thoughts to prayers but to say a blessing and wish good to the person who may have wronged you, or who YOU perceived HURT you. why would you want to do this? Well consider the person who cut you off, stepping outside ourselves we can see maybe they were distracted, maybe they were in a hurry to an interview for their dream job and wanted to make a good impression, we really don’t know why it happened and to assume the wished to hurt you is kinda presumptuous isn’t it?

So not only are we changing our own day by changing our thoughts to thanks for our own blessings, but wishing blessings on to someone else is spreading love into a situation that otherwise would have been left to stew and hate.

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Bible Study

Day one went well! Genesis 1:1-2 diving deeper into the meanings of the original words has definitely given me a deeper insight into the true depth of the words. Just reading them like I have many times before I didn’t fully (and I’m sure still haven’t) grasp some of the information. Reading in translation you are at the mercy of the translators, going back and looking at the meanings of the original words does show much more.