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Meh Pizza

Ok let me clarify this is a SUPER easy quick meal but the effect has been better than meh. They actually taste good, they’re cheap, and the kids actually ask me to make them. This is something the kids can prep on their own and make how they want.

You need flour tortillas

Mozerella cheese shredded

Plain marinara or pasta sauce( only a small amount save the rest to add to my secret ingredient pasta sauce)

Mini pepperonis

BBQ sauce

Boiled shredded chicken

Bell peppers

Guys this meal has endless possibilities try things you may not have considered like deli ham and canned pineapple, or tomatoes and basil, spinach and feta cheese with olive oil

All you do is spread a small amount of the base marinara, bbq sauce, olive oil on the tortilla, load up with a small amount of toppings

Toss in the oven at 400 degrees F, for 8 min or until edges nice and brown

Take out slice and serve, I budget two per person five or take.

Like I said this is great for kids to be creative and learn basic cooking.


I am a work at home momma doing the best I can! Some days are pretty messy but others are so wonderfully beautiful I couldn’t ask for more! Our family has embarked on a debt reduction plan, that includes Meh meals and paying higher amounts down on our loans! recently I have become more devoted to spending time in the word of God, and can honestly say without a doubt things are improving every day! The peace and calm that settles on me when I settle in to study or tune in to the Christian station on the radio, has rubbed off on my children as well! I am not a bottomless pit of patience but since turning to God I can say that my patience and understanding of problems has grown in ways I didn’t know possible.

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